Creating online course with freedom

Choosing where to host your online course is not an easy task, we get it! So we built embedin. In minutes, you can create and publish your online course anywhere on any platform

Add an online course to your website with no coding!

Copy and paste our HTML code to add an online course to your website. We support any no-code platform (Webflow, WordPress, you name it!)

Try our sample code, embed an online course to your website in 1 minute

<script async type="module" defer data-courseid="01GWHTRZCAK6WHNG9BHA8K6EAF" src="https://embed-dev.embedin.com/course.js"></script>
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Video Hosting platforms that we support

Your content your choose, we give you the freedom to choose where and how you wanna host your content as each platform can offer you the right audience and advantages.

YouTubeVimeoFacebookSoundCloudStreamableWistiaTwitchDailyMotionVidyardHLSDASHvideo file typeaudio file type

Some of our integrations that will enable you to have a professional course

Width stripe you can easily start receiving payment in a security way from day one

Mailchimp integration will allow you to gather emails from you course/freebie

Vimeo will allow you to delivery professionals video to your students

Mailer-lite, email marketing beyond the inbox with advanced tools made easy

Github allows you to host your non-prophet website for free

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